• Same Quality.
    New Family.

    Cutter Drilling Systems, the largest provider of medium and low-pressure rotating control device (RCD) equipment in West Texas, is now part of the Premium Oilfield Technologies family. We will continue to provide customers with the best rotary control head diverter service in the industry. The Cutter website will soon be transitioning to the new Cutter products page on the Premium corporate website at www.premiumoilfield.com/products/cutter



  • Bearing

    Sealed bearing with no oiler required. No Kelly Driver required. Self-aligning bearing assembly for easy installation.

  • Patent Pending Duel-Hinge
    Clamping System 

    for Easy Installation

    Optional remote actuated open/close system available. Less space required to open/close hinges. User friendly installation.

  • Service

    All RCD’s dynamically tested before delivery to the rig. All RCD’s checked by Cutter service personnel bi-weekly at the wellsite. Serviceable from rig floor.

  • Strippers

    All sizes available. All fluids strippers available – water, oil, foam and air drilling systems

  • Adapters and 
    Ancillary Equipment

    DSA’s – all sizes available. Spools – all sizes available, Companion flanges – all sizes available, Mud Cross systems, Logging adapters, Casing adapters, Trip Nipples, Starters