• Rotary


    One of the most compact systems available with 20” total head height including bearing assembly. All RCD installations customizable to clients specifications. Flowlines (8” – 12”). Air valves available (7”, 9” and 11”). RCD head height under rig floor customizable



  • Bearing

    Sealed bearing with no oiler required. No Kelly Driver required. Self-aligning bearing assembly for easy installation.

  • Patent Pending Duel-Hinge
    Clamping System 

    for Easy Installation

    Optional remote actuated open/close system available. Less space required to open/close hinges. User friendly installation.

  • Service

    All RCD’s dynamically tested before delivery to the rig. All RCD’s checked by Cutter service personnel bi-weekly at the wellsite. Serviceable from rig floor.

  • Strippers

    All sizes available. All fluids strippers available – water, oil, foam and air drilling systems

  • Adapters and 
    Ancillary Equipment

    DSA’s – all sizes available. Spools – all sizes available, Companion flanges – all sizes available, Mud Cross systems, Logging adapters, Casing adapters, Trip Nipples, Starters