Cutter Drilling Systems is a subsidiary of Premium Oilfield Technologies, a Houston based provider of mud pump expendables, handling tools, mud valves, and other drilling-related products that have a high impact on drilling productivity. Cutter is dedicated to providing its customers with the best rotary control head diverter service in the industry.
Cutter specializes in providing the safest to operate and most “rigsite friendly” rotating control device in the industry with all installations customizable to the client’s specific rig specifications.  Cutter’s mission is to provide our customers with the most fit for purpose rotating control system available with follow up wellsite service by its personnel for the North American oilfield market. 

Features / Benefits:

Rotary Control Device - RCD
  • One of the most compact systems available with 20” total head height including bearing assemblAll RCD installations customizable to clients specifications
  • Flowlines (8” – 12”)
  • Air valves available (7”, 9” and 11”)
  • RCD head height under rig floor customizable
Bearing package
  • Sealed bearing with no oiler required
  • No Kelly Driver required
  • Self-aligning bearing assembly for easy installation
Patent pending dual-hinge clamping system for easy installation
  • Optional remote actuated open/close system available
  • Less space required to open/close hinges
  • User friendly installation
Service Quality
  • All RCD’s dynamically tested before delivery to the rig
  • All RCD’s checked by Cutter service personnel bi-weekly at the wellsite
  • Easily Serviceable from rig floor
  • All sizes available
  • All fluids strippers available – water, oil, foam and air drilling systems
Adapters and ancillary equipment
  • DSA’s – all sizes available
  • Spools – all sizes available
  • Companion flanges – all sizes available
  • Air Valves
  • Mud Cross systems
  • Logging adapters
  • Casing adapters
  • Trip Nipples
  • Starters
  • RCD’s serviceable from rig floor!

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